Annual Report 2022-2023

Chair Message

Dear Colleagues, Friends, and Supporters

I am delighted to join the AAAAI Council as Chair in 2023 and present to you the latest annual report of the AAAAI Foundation, reflecting the tremendous progress we have made over the past year. This success would not have been possible without your support and commitment to our mission of funding research and jump-starting the allergy/immunology careers of physician scientists.
Before delving into the achievements of the past year, I would like to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Kevin Kelly, our esteemed past Chair, for his exceptional leadership and dedication. Many of you may not be aware that Kevin’s term was extended by several years when Dr. Jonathan Bernstein was elected as AAAAI Secretary-Treasurer. Under his guidance, the Foundation reached new heights, and we are immensely grateful for his invaluable contributions, skillful leadership, and tireless commitment to the Foundation.
I would also like to extend a special thank you to three outstanding individuals who have completed their tenure as members of the Foundation Council: Drs. Mariana Castells, Giselle Mosnaim and Stokes Peebles. Their expertise, insights, and unwavering commitment to our cause have left an indelible mark on the Foundation's work. We are grateful for all of their valuable contributions and wish them continued success in their future endeavors. We also welcome our three new members, Dr. Elizabeth Phillips as Vice Chair of the Research and Long-Range Planning Committee, Dr. David Peden as Vice Chair of Lectureship and Major Gifts and Dr. Frank Virant as Secretary-Treasurer.
In February, we saw spectacular engagement and turnout at our two signature events, with an overwhelming display of support from our generous donors and sponsors. Your contributions have played a pivotal role in fueling our mission and enabling us to make a significant impact on the allergy/immunology field. Your dedication has been instrumental in funding the research of 25 early-career physicians over the past decade.
We also announced our 2023 Faculty Development Award recipients in February. These exceptional individuals have shown immense promise and dedication to advancing the field of allergy/immunology. Their passion, expertise and commitment to research and patient care are truly commendable. Congratulations to the deserving awardee. We look forward to witnessing the impact of their work in the years to come.
2023 Foundation Annual Benefit: David A. Khan, MD, FAAAAI, David A. Hill, MD, PhD, FAAAAI, Santiago Alvarez Arango, MD, Alberta L. Wang, MD, Sara Barmettler, MD, Stokes Peebles, MD, FAAAAI
I am thrilled to share that the impact of your support to the Faculty Development Awards has been truly remarkable. With your support, we have provided more than $10 million in grants, enabling our awardees to advance their research and make significant contributions to the field. I am delighted to announce that our award recipients have gone on to secure an impressive $110,168,204 in federal grants after receiving initial support from the Foundation. This exceptional achievement not only highlights the caliber of our grantees but also showcases the enduring impact of our investments.
Once again, I extend my deepest gratitude to all of you for your incredible generosity, which has enabled us to accomplish so much. As you peruse the contents of our annual report, I hope you take pride in the remarkable achievements made possible by your support. I urge you to continue your commitment to our mission through donations and service, as together, we can shape the future of allergy/immunology and improve the lives of countless patients.
Thank you once again for your unwavering dedication.
Warm regards, David A. Khan, MD, FAAAAI Chair
Council Roster

AAAAI Foundation Council Roster 2023-2024

David A. Khan, MD, FAAAAI
Paul V. Williams, MD, FAAAAI
Frank S. Virant, MD, FAAAAI
Thomas A. Fleisher, MD, FAAAAI
AAAAI Executive Vice President
Annual Giving
Sharon Markovics, MD, FAAAAI
Patricia McNally, MD, FAAAAI
Vice Chair
Faculty Development Awards
Mitchell Grayson, MD, FAAAAI
Seema Aceves, MD, PhD, FAAAAI
Vice Chair
Lectureship and Major Gifts
Donald Leung, MD, PhD, FAAAAI
David P. Peden, MD, MS, FAAAAI
Vice Chair
Research and Long-Range Planning
Nora Barrett, MD, FAAAAI
Elizabeth J. Phillips, MD, FAAAAI, FIDSA
Vice Chair
Special Events
Joseph Diaz, MD, FAAAAI
Basil Kahwash, MD
Vice Chair

2023 Faculty Development Awardees

Sara Barmettler, MD
Massachusetts General Hospital
“Immunologic Impact and Risk for Infections in Patients with Secondary Hypogammaglobulinemia”
Alberta Wang, MD, MS
Brigham and Women's Hospital, Inc.
“Early Life miRNA Programming of Asthma and Allergic Diseases”
Santiago Alvarez-Arango, MD
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
“Pathogenesis of Non-IgE-mediated Immediate Drug Hypersensitivity Reaction”
David Hill, MD, PhD, FAAAAI
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
“Contribution of interferon-mediated epithelial cell MHCII expression to EoE”
"Receiving the AAAAI Foundation Faculty Development Award has enabled me to perform cutting-edge research on how to risk-assess and manage immediate drug and vaccine reactions, and to build a platform for studying the mechanisms and natural history behind true, confirmed allergies. Because of this support, I was able to pivot and make relevant research contributions during the pandemic, and then return to my focus on beta-lactam allergy research afterward. I am particularly thrilled to point out that research supported by the AAAAI Foundation Faculty Development Award has already been cited as key evidence for changes in the recently updated drug allergy practice parameters! I am exceedingly grateful to the AAAAI Foundation and to my mentorship team for all their investments in my development."
Cosby Stone, Jr. MD, MPH
2021 Faculty Development Awardee (will finish in June 2024)
Vanderbilt University Medical Center
“Defining the Key Epidemiologic and Immunogenetic Risk Features of True IgE Mediated Cephalosporin Allergy”

2022-2023 Faculty Development Awards Impact Study Results

has been provided by the Foundation in major awards since 1993
in federal grants have been granted to our award recipients after the Foundation provided initial support
45 of our 46
major awardees have continued their careers in allergy/immunology

2022 Faculty Development Awardees

Sergio E. Chiarella, MD
Mayo Clinic Division of Allergic Diseases
“The AAAAI Foundation & Donald YM Leung, MD, PhD, FAAAAI, Faculty Development Award: “Investigation of Tmem178 as a Novel Endogenous Inhibitory Pathway in Asthma”
Jocelyn Farmer, MD, PhD
Beth Israel Lahey Health
“Define Immune Correlates of a Protective Response to SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine in Patients with Humoral Immunodeficiency”
Hsi-en (John) Ho, MD
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
“Dissecting Differential Inflammatory Response to Microbial Translocation in Primary Antibody Deficiencies”
Jessica W. Hui, MD
National Jewish Health
“The Role of Temperature on the Skin Barrier and the Development of Atopy”

2021 Faculty Development Awardees

Derek Chu, MD, PhD
McMaster University
“Tree Nut Allergen Thresholds, Biomarkers, and Methods of Desensitization - TITAN and TRADE studies”
Torie Grant, MD
Johns Hopkins University
“Allergen Exposure Reduction as a Disease-Modifying Strategy in Allergen-Sensitized Children with Asthma”
Melanie Ruffner, MD, PhD
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
“Investigation of the Role of STAT6 Signaling in Proton-Pump Inhibitor Response in Eosinophilic Esophagitis”
Cosby Stone, MD, MPH
Vanderbilt University Medical Center
“Defining the Key Epidemiologic and Immunogenetic Risk Features of True IgE Mediated Cephalosporin Allergy”

2020 Faculty Development Awardees

Mark Gorelik, MD
Columbia University School of Medicine
“Follistatin Like-1 Protein is a Modulator of Immune Response in Inflammatory Vasculitis”
Onyinye I. Iweala, MD, PhD
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
“Glycolipids and Invariant Natural Killer T Cells in Alpha-gal Syndrome”
Michael G. Sherenian, MD
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
“The Role of Hemostasis in Atopic Dermatitis”
Jeffrey Wilson, MD, PhD
University of Virginia
“Investigations into the Glycolipid form of the Mammalian Oligosaccharide Galactose-a-1,3-Galactose (a-Gal) as an Agent of IgE-mediated Delayed Anaphylaxis and Atherosclerosis”


Corpus Value at End of 2022
Grants Paid Out in 2022
Total Expenses
Total Revenue

2023 Run/Walk

We hosted a record-breaking number of runners and walkers at the 2023 Run/Walk during the 2023 AAAAI Annual Meeting. More than 700 participants joined us at San Antonio’s HemisFair Park to walk or run their way to the Riverwalk.
Thank you to all who joined us for a fun and exciting day to support allergy/immunology research!
Big thanks to the following individuals, who worked tirelessly to make 2023 a record-breaking year!
2023 Run/Walk Subcommittee

Joe Diaz, MD, FAAAAI

Basil Kahwash, MD

Priya Bansal, MD, FAAAAI

Diana Chernikova, MD, PhD

David Kaufman, MD, FAAAAI

Stephen Lawhon

Bob Miyake, MD

Andrew Moore, MD, FAAAAI

Crystal Riccio

Thank you to Takeda for their ongoing support of the AAAAI Foundation Run/Walk!
“The magnitude and the flexibility of the AAAAI Foundation Faculty Development Award is phenomenal. The Foundation’s generous investment in me as a scientist has allowed me to pursue tough questions and troubleshoot challenging in vitro and in vivo models of alpha-gal syndrome with the potential to reveal fundamental insights into how a tick bite could drive a food allergy. Receiving funding from the AAAAI Foundation was truly a confidence booster for me. It has invigorated me and has been a source of pride and hope to be one of the physician-scientists selected to join. This AAAAI Foundation Faculty Development Award has provided me with not just financial resources, but also human capital and professional connections with other AAAAI Foundation Faculty Development Award recipients that have blossomed into fruitful scientific discussions and collaborations. The data generated from AAAAI Foundation Faculty Development Award- supported projects will serve as key preliminary data for future grant applications to the federal government and beyond. Thank you AAAAI members and AAAAI Foundation for making this possible!”
Onyinye Iweala, MD, PhD
2020 Faculty Development Awardee (finishing June 2023)
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
“Glycolipids and Invariant Natural Killer T Cells in Alpha-gal Syndrome”

2023 Annual Benefit

Guests enjoyed dinner, a presentation from our 2023 Faculty Development Awardees and a musical surprise from Mariachi Azteca De América de San Antonio, Texas at our Annual Benefit during the 2023 AAAAI Annual Meeting.
Thank you to Genentech for their ongoing support of the AAAAI Foundation Benefit
Save the dates 2024 AAAAI Foundation events Washington, DC
Annual Benefit
February 24, 2024
February 25, 2024

AAAAI Foundation Lectureship

The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Foundation provides the opportunity to honor individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the allergy/immunology field with Named Lectureships presented at each AAAAI Annual Meeting. Lectureships are typically established by an AAAAI member interested in honoring a respected colleague or mentor, or a member wishing to contribute to the mission of the Foundation through the establishment of a Lectureship. All funds raised for Named Lectureships and Awards are invested in the AAAAI Foundation endowment, proceeds from which directly support investigators through our annual Faculty Development Awards.
We are excited to announce the AAAAI Foundation and Jordan N. Fink, MD, FAAAAI Lectureship. Dr. Fink’s lectureship will be presented at the 2024 Annual Meeting in Washington, DC.
Jordan N. Fink, MD, FAAAAI
To learn more about our current lectureships, including those with active fundraising campaigns:
We are extremely grateful to have support for the AAAAI Foundation Lectureship Series from


The GAIN (Grow Allergy & Immunology Now) Campaign, supported by BioCryst, was successful again in 2022! The annual fundraising campaign, with all of your support, made it possible to fund FOUR Faculty Development Awards in 2023.
Thank you to all of our supporters!
Total 2022 GAIN Campaign Funds Raised
We are extremely grateful to have support for the GAIN Campaign and RSL Challenge.

Donor Recognition

We are immensely grateful for your steadfast support and generosity again in 2022. Your contributions have made a profound impact on our ability to fulfill our mission to fund research and ultimately positively impact patient lives. We want to express our deepest gratitude for your dedication to supporting allergy/immunology research.
To honor and acknowledge your invaluable support, we have compiled a comprehensive list of donors on our website. We invite you to visit our supporters page to view the list and see the collective efforts that have propelled our initiatives forward.
Your name, along with other esteemed supporters, is featured as a testament to your commitment to our cause.
Once again, we extend our heartfelt appreciation for your continued partnership and generosity. Your donations have empowered us to grant four awards in 2023, and we are inspired by your generous support. We hope you take pride in the impact you have made and join us in our ongoing endeavors to build a better future.


Karen Michaels
Katie Tetzlaff
Program Manager, Awards